Cellulose Adhesives Wheat Starch Tapes

Bookmakers PVA

Bookmakers PVA is pH neutral and water soluable. Sold in pints, quarts, or gallons. 

Note: PVA must not be allowed to freeze. May not be available for shipping in cold weather.

A-PVA-GAL $53.40 4@ $52.07/ea

8@ $50.20/ea

A-PVA-QT $18.50

4@ $18.13/ea

8@ $17.39/ea

A-PVA-PT $11.90

4@ $11.67/ea

8 @ $11.19/ea


Methyl Cellulose

pH-neutral cellulose ether adhesive with excellent aging characteristics used for re-sizing, as a surfactant for cleaning, as a paper adhesive on its own, This is a premium grade of methyl cellulose with lower iron content and is compatible for mixing with wheat starch pastes or PVA adhesives. BookMakers carries two viscosities 4000 (A4M, higher viscosity) and 1500 (A15C, lower viscosity). Many conservators prefer a higher viscosity as an adhesive and a lower one for sizing. While Methocel powders are soluble in cold water, they must be thoroughly dispersed in the water before they begin to dissolve.  Sold in 1/2 lb containers.

If you add Methyl powder directly to cold water, you get a lumpy solution. To disperse the powder, heat 1/3 of the water to approximately 90°C (194°F). Add Methocel powder to heated water and mix until the particles are thoroughly wetted and evenly dispersed. Add the remaining water as cold water or ice. Continue agitating for at least 30 minutes. Best made a few hours before use.

Methyl Cellulose


A-MC 15C 1/2




2@ $15.19/ea


2@ $18.03/ea

6@ $14.57/ea


6@ $17.30/ea


Zen Shofu (Jin Shofu)

A highly refined wheat starch adhesive which must be mixed with water and cooked. Wheat starch paste is very strong, even when diluted. It forms a much more flexible adhesive layer than rice starch making it more desirable for many book conservation needs. Zen Shofu provides the strongest and most pure of the wheat starch pastes

One typical recipe: Mix 20 grams of wheat starch to 200 ml of distilled water; cook for 15 minutes, stirring constantly, and then cool for another 15 minutes, also stirring constantly. After straining, it can be diluted to the desired consistency and kept refrigerated.

Microwave recipe: In a deep container, mix 1 tablespoon of wheat starch with 5 tablespoons of distilled water. Place in a microwave on high setting for 20-30 seconds. Remove the paste and stir, place back in the microwave another 20-30 seconds. Remove and stir again. Continue to a cumulative time of 3 to 4 minutes until you get the desired consistency which will depend upon your needs and individual microwave appliance. When done, let the paste rest a few minutes before using.

Zen Shofu A-ZEN 1/2 LB


3M #415 Double-sided Transparent Tape

0.004 inch thick transparent polyester film backing with archival A40 acrylic adhesive on both sides. Available in three widths. 3m #415 double-sided transparent tape sold on 36-yd rolls.

3M #415 Double Sided Transparent Tape A-DST-0.25"
3@ $14.35/ea
3@ $15.58/ea
3@ $23.04/ea
6@ $13.59/ea
6@ $14.76/ea
6@ $21.82/ea

Filomplast P & P90 Archival Self Adhesive Repair Tape

Self-adhesive archival paper-repair tape. Filmoplast P & P90 is made from an archival pressure-sensitive adhesive, on a carrier of either transparent mending tissue or white paper tape. Sold on a 2cm x 50 meter roll(approx. 0.8” x 54 yds). Also see Filmoplast R (below) for "heat-set" mending tissues. 

Filmoplast P A-FL-P P 2X50 Transparent $21.95
Filmoplast P90 A-FL-P90 2X50 White $21.95

Filmoplast R Archival Self-adhesive Repair Tape

Archival, heat-sensitive paper-repair tissue. For use with a tacking iron. Filmoplast R is more easily reversible than that on the Filmoplast P and P90 tapes.

Filmoplast R A-FL-R 2X50

Acid-Free Gummed Linen Hinging Tape

Pliable white linen tape coated with an acid-free adhesive. 64/52 cotton thread count. The water activated adhesive dries strong and does not creep. Sold in two sizes, 1” x 10 yds, or 1” x 50 yds.

Gummed Linen Hinging Tape A-GLT WH 1"50YD $25.50 3@ $24.22/ea 6@ $22.95/ea

Acid-Free Self-Adhesive Linen Hinging Tape

Acid free high thread count self-adhesive cotton tape. Non yellowing and stable over time.

A-LT 1.25 X 30 $16.25

Acid-Free Gummed Paper Hinging Tape

Paper is acid-free, lignin-free and buffered. The water activated acid-free adhesive dries strong and will not creep. White. Sold on a 1” x 130' roll.

Paper Hinging Tape A-GPT $10.50 3@ $9.98 6@ $9.45

Document Repair Tape

Acid-free, lingnin-free Transparent (white) tissue with acid-free pressure-sensitive adhesive. Coated with an archival acrylic adhesive that is non-yellowing and stable over time. Sold in three sizes, 1/2” x 600”, 1” x 400”, and 1” x 98'.

Document Repair Tape A-DRTL 1" x 98' $24.95

Hinging Tissue

Long-fibered acid-free, lingnin-free Transparent (white) tissue with acid-free pressure-sensitive adhesive. Coated with an archival acrylic adhesive that is non-yellowing and stable over time. Sold in two sizes, 1” x 400”, and 1” x 98'.

Hinging Tissue A-HT 1"98'
A-HT 1"400"
2@ $21.80/ea
2@ $ 12.49/ea
6@ $20.66/ea
6@ $11.84/ea

Archival See-Through Mounting Corners


A-COR 5/8
A-COR 7/8

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